Iris (Iceland) – Muay Thai Course

Some people think that Muay Thai is only for boys, but I don’t think so, Girls can be in any sport they like!


The Kombat Group is like a family to me. If you want confidence, nice body and learn how to protect yourself you should train Muay Thai.
I just training to protect myself not to compete but maybe one day…?!

I have been training just for 1 month and I can see the result on my body, my abs is flat and more muscled and I’m healthier and stronger.

I will always come back to train Muay Thai is so much fun, you should come too! 😀

I came to Thailand with my family and had nothing to do.

Then my mom opens a laundry marked and someone came to us with his laundry and I saw the inscription “Kombat Group” and asked him what it was, he said that was a Muay Thai Camp and lots of other stuff and then I was “mom i like to go train” and she let me and I went to start train Muay Thai, now i don’t want to go back home in December, because I like it so much.

If I were you, I will come to Kombat Group, no matter how old you are, I´m only 16, hope to see you there.


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