Elbio (Italy) – Western Boxing Course

Hello everyone, my name is Elbio and I am a boy from Milan, fan of boxing.

When I arrived at Kombat Group was a bit hesitant because Thailand is famous for Muay Thai Boxing and I wanted to practice English Boxing.
It took just a few days to let me understand that I was exactly in the right place!

Christian and his team have followed me very well from beginning to end and in my stay (2 weeks) I was able to really improve a lot. Personally I found surprising the fact that you can live like a true professional who is preparing for a match: 2 workouts a day 6 days on 7, technique, sparring, healthy and controlled eating (the food is great, carbohydrates at lunch and proteins in the evening), all under the constant control of Christian and his staff.

At the end I really did a match! Chris saw that I was committed and wanted to reward me making me fight in the “Thepprasit Stadium” an indescribable feeling. Besides, if you prove to have desire and dedication to fight, in Thailand is not as complicated as in Italy where you need to lose months visits doctor visits and paperwork.

The boys of the camp are very discerning in the choice of the opponent and never choose someone out of your reach, then clearly you enter the ring in two and to lose is possible, what is really important is to get down with the consciousness of having given everything! I won the match, by a knockout in the third. Chris was in my corner yelling like a mad and telling me everything to do, I think without him I would not have ever made it and that night I realized how important it is experienced and prepared corner.

Finally, I strongly recommend this experience to anyone who enjoys combat sports and anyone who wants to get involved. When you come back you will not be the same anymore!

Have fun !!!!!!!!
Elbio B.


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