Ditte (Denmark) – Western Boxing Course

I am a 20-year old girl and I had been travelling around Asia for 3 months and had therefore had a break from my 5 times weekly boxing training back in Denmark.


I searched the internet for some boxing training and picked out Kombat Group which I today am very happy I did. I lived and trained at the camp for almost 5 weeks in June/July summer 2010 and it has been some of the best weeks ever.

Christian, the trainers and the other fighters at the camp were so nice and friendly. I had so much fun and felt like being with my family – I really felt like home because of them.

The training twice a day was hard and did give a lot of pain in the start, but after 10 days I started enjoying the training and the trainers knew what they where doing.

If you go to Kombat Village you will see results faster then you think – training twice a day pays of at the end and you will enjoy it, I promise. No matter if you are a hardcore pro, amateur or beginner you are welcome and you will without doubt enjoy Kombat village. I am definitely going back! Not only for the excellent training but also for the social life at the camp.

A big thanks to Christian, and also his lovely girlfriend Nat for taking so good care of me. Also a thanks to the trainers for very very good training and good social time with the other fighters at the camp. I had such a great time and enjoyed it a lot.

I’ll see you soon guys! 😉



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