Charlie (Canary Islands) – MMA Course

My only regret would be that I flew out on Christmas Eve, I wish I had stayed longer!


Hi, I’m Charlie and I would like to share my time at Kombat with you.
I have trained in MMA for some time so planning my trip to Thailand I wanted to ensure getting some ground game as well as Muay Thai so I Google’d!! 

Kombat came highly recommended so I booked, and I am so glad I did.

Here’s how it started, I flew to Bangkok from the canary islands via the UK then Dubai, so I was pretty shattered after 3 days travelling, My taxi was there to collect me ‘that was a good move! So I fell asleep as soon as my bags were in the car and arrived safe and sound at the gym.

I may be ‘MMA’ but I’m still a girl so I rocked up with x2 suitcases 1x training bag 1x laptop bag plus hand luggage of course !!…( And no-one judged lol, don’t judge a book !!) I was super hungry so the wonderful girls in the kitchen made me just what I wanted before I had even unpacked, Oh yes and I’m vegetarian!!!!

Next Day/ First day training began. wow amazing, fantastic. You just need to get in there and train, i had been given session times and thought I’d mix it up with Muay Thai and MMA, i have never trained so hard !! The facilities are perfect and the instructors so skilled and friendly too.

Sessions are morning and afternoon into evening. With the food included it meant i did not go hungry or need to go out and search for food.

Language was never a problem and i soon made friends, by the end of the week we were out watching local fights together, that’s once I’d got into a pattern and managed to stay awake for a few hours!

My only regret would be that i flew out on Christmas eve, I wish i had stayed longer x Good reason to go back.

Have Fun and train hard, see you there soon .. x


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