Alice (Italy) – Muay Thai Course

My first time at Kombat Group: I felt very good in the camp, like at home!


My name is Alice, I’m 24 and this was my first holiday in Thailand. I met Christian Daghio, but I already knew everything about him because my boyfriend Jurj, knows him for more than 10 years. 

He attended the camp for 6 years and this year I had the chance to go there too, and I already know that next year I will go again! 

I approached the Muay Thai because my partner practice it at a competitive level and I decided to try to take courses here in my country.
I like this art because it helps me to vent the tension of the working day.
I have practiced many sports, but I think this is the only one where at the end of training I feel really good!
I do not think I will become a true “fighter” but surely I will know how to defend myself!
Christian at first looks real tough guy and he is, but he also has a gold character and is a splendid person! I’m glad to have known him also outside the camp.
Although Jurj had spoken several times of the camp itself and Thailand, I did not know what to expect and how it would be my 1st time in Pattaya.

The service and friendliness with which you are received is remarkable, both the kitchen and all the people working there (the girls in the kitchen and the Thai coaches) are exquisite people, always smiling and very professional.
Jurj is preparing for an MMA match so every week was at the camp. I took the opportunity to not give up the sport even on holiday, by training constantly supervised under the Christian eyes, that despite the commitments and training is always present and vigilant about boys / girls who stay at Kombat Group.

I spent the free time, like all women, in malls and flea markets!
I married with Buddhist ritual, as Jurj is a practicing this religion.
I visited the islands close to Pattaya … Koh Samet is absolutely the most beautiful!
I wanted to give my testimony for girls who practice Muay Thai just for self-defense or to keep in shape, because to experience it in the country of origin makes you go home with the desire to continue and never stop!
I will end here, thanking Christian and all of the Thai coaches for make me feel not excluded from an environment that is thought for men only.

I also include in the credits Jurj that brought me to Kombat Group of the World Champion DAGHIO where I will be again next year!


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