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The Weight Loss Program is highly effective because of our traditional approach to improving health by burning fat and having fun, combined with use of the latest weight loss technologies.


One such technology is the Slim Belly System, a revolutionary fitness tool that is worn to boost the effectiveness of the exercises you perform.

Slim Belly is an Airpressure Bodyforming system that has been scientifically proven to quickly and successfully enhance body shape. It works by increasing blood circulation to targeted areas through the use of alternating air pressure. This allows you to burn through multiple layers of fat while exercising. As a result, you can increase fat burning, tighten skin, improve skin tone, and achieve a visible reduction in stretch marks.

The Slim Belly system can be incorporated into your personal Weight Loss Program in up to three sessions each week. Each session will include both cardio and strength training exercises to form and firm your figure. A trainer will guide you through your personal Slim Belly fitness session so that you use the system efficiently to achieve maximum results.

Read more about SlimBelly here!

slim belly aeropressure system

Slim Belly Only

Use of SlimBelly while doing cardio excercise by yourself


(each session is 45 minutes long)

Free Trial 1 Free Trial Free
1 week 3 900
4 week 12 3,600
8 weeks 24 6,800
12 weeks 36 9,900

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Slim Belly In Combination With Private Lesson

Use of SlimBelly while doing a private lesson of fitness, Muay Thai or Boxing

(each session is 45 minutes long)
1 Week 3 4,700
4 Week 12 18,400
8 Weeks 24 35,900
12 Weeks 36 52,400

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