Do what you love while having fun, saving money, and training your body in brand new ways! Kombat Group is offering you the opportunity of a lifetime to live in Thailand and learn Muay Thai, Boxing, MMA, BJJ and/or Krav Maga. In exchange for putting your best talent to use here, we will provide room, board, and access to all the training classes we offer.

We accept people with various talents, but we are especially interested in:

  • Social Media Manager;
  • WordPress User (high level);
  • Graphic Designer.

  • Other helpful skills and abilities are also considered including, but not limited to: video-makers, photographers and office related person.

What we offer:

  • Free room: shared accommodation with a/c;
  • Three delicious meals each day;
  • Free Wi-Fi;
  • Access to all classes: Muay Thai, Western Boxing, BJJ, MMA, Functional Training, Krav Maga;
  • Opportunity to learn about Thai culture including food, language, and art of Muay Thai;
  • A chance to make friends from all around the world.

What we ask of you:

  • Be highly talented and do your best work;
  • Work 24 hours a week toward a fair exchange;
  • Respect all camp rules.

If you’ve got great skill, then send us your CV at and tell us why we should choose you!