2007 March 12th Christian Daghio vs Zodd

Christian win by KO a fight against the Spanish Zood with a series of knee strikes to the body. Christian is also celebrated as the best fighter of the night at Fairtex Boxing Stadium.

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Filippa (Sweden) – Muay Thai Course

I will always remember this as one of the best things I did.

- Filippa

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Three Amazing Weeks of Boxing in Thailand

Today’s interview is with Amber, from England, who came at Kombat group to do the Western Boxing.

I didn’t have much boxing experience at home, so I’ve been exercising a bit but did like maybe two boxing lessons and thought, ‘this would be something that would be like really enjoyable to get good at. Where can I go to do it?’ Googled online and I was like, ‘Oh! Thailand would be a sick place to go to!’ I came in for a week, absolutely loved it and thought, ‘a week’s not long enough, you’re just getting started’ and ‘If I could get even better, it would be cool.’ So, I stayed for another two weeks. This is almost my last day of the third week, already planning to come out again, it’s just… it’s really good!

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Christian Daghio becomes Muay Thai Wako World Champion

2001: Christian Daghio conquers his first World Champion title: WAKO PRO.

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