Our Current Thinking on the Coronavirus

The Coronavirus has brought the world into a virtual stand-still as governments and world organizations scramble to better understand the virus, find a vaccine and contain the outbreak. Schools are shutting down, companies are advising employees to stay home and international travel has nearly halted. The global economy and stock markets continue to spiral as people wait eagerly on some form of optimism to surface. Unfortunately, there is no way to predict when resolution may come, and it may be quite some time before a tested, reliable vaccine is developed. Kombat Group Thailand’s response to the global pandemic will be to carry on. We’ll be here with our doors open, living life, doing work and honing our craft. Below we’ll describe in greater detail our current thinking on the Coronavirus and why we have decided to stay in the fight.

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Three Amazing Weeks of Boxing in Thailand

Today’s interview is with Amber, from England, who came at Kombat group to do the Western Boxing.

I didn’t have much boxing experience at home, so I’ve been exercising a bit but did like maybe two boxing lessons and thought, ‘this would be something that would be like really enjoyable to get good at. Where can I go to do it?’ Googled online and I was like, ‘Oh! Thailand would be a sick place to go to!’ I came in for a week, absolutely loved it and thought, ‘a week’s not long enough, you’re just getting started’ and ‘If I could get even better, it would be cool.’ So, I stayed for another two weeks. This is almost my last day of the third week, already planning to come out again, it’s just… it’s really good!

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What is the best Martial Art for Self Defense?

The most effective discipline for street fighting

“What’s the best martial art for self defense?” This is one of the most common questions asked when comparing different martial arts. This article will attempt to answer the more specific question: Which is the most effective martial art to learn for self-defense? That is to say which discipline may be the best to practice with street fighting in mind. In the interest of practicality, we’ll just focus on the disciplines most often offered in local gyms: Muay Thai, Western Boxing, Brazilian-Jiu Jitsu, Wrestling and MMA.

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How I Regained My Confidence in Boxing

We had a chat with George, who came all the way from the UK to Thailand to train in Western Boxing.

What were your thoughts coming to the camp? What were your hopes and inspiration?

Well, I’ve been in boxing for a few years now and I ’d been out of boxing for a while. I just wanted to get back into it, get back in the swing of things and really try and get the feel for these camps. I’d heard about these camps in Thailand and just wanted to try one out.

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Lost 30kg in 8 Weeks on Weight Loss Retreat

My name is Isaac Maw, I’m from Jindabyne in Australia.

I’ve been here for eight weeks now. I wish I could stay longer! My goal at the start was originally just to lose 20 kilos, but in the first week and a half, I lost about 8 kilos. So, I decided then that 20 kilos would be too easy and I wanted to push myself as hard as I could.

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Tania Reid’s Rise to Australasian Female Light Champion

“I was 14 years old hanging out with older kids getting in heaps of trouble with the police. I wasn’t really doing anything bad, just doing dumb stuff with the crowd and got banned from going out at night. So I was hanging around town during the day to cause some trouble and heard the sounds of these ropes skipping. I was curious and found this boxing club. I stood in the doorway watching for ages until the coach said, ‘Well, you coming in?’ and I was like, ‘Okay!’”

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