International Women’s Day Promotion

The theme for International Women’s Day, 8th March 2022 (#IWD 2022) is “Gender equality today for a sustainable tomorrow”, recognizing the contribution of women and girls around the world, who are leading the charge on climate change adaptation, mitigation, and response, to build a more sustainable future for all. (

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fat loss transformation emma lost 20 kg

I am Emma and I come from Milan, Italy. I decided to come here because I wanted to take some time to dedicate to myself and get back in shape as I was before.

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You Deserve an Amazing Holiday


Going outside the country may be difficult at this time but you definitely deserve an amazing holiday! 

You have now the chance to take a different sort of vacation to put the Covid-19 mess behind you. 

Restart, refocus and return home a better version of yourself right here, at a few kilometres far from home!

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The Tempo of Rounds in Muay Thai

As discussed in our last article, Muay Thai has a very different scoring system. While judges do score rounds individually, the winner is determined based on the fight as a whole. Judges more so use the the scores of each round to keep track of and better judge the entire fight. This is a very confusing concept for many foreigners that are accustomed to the winner being the winner of the most rounds. In Muay Thai, there are two to three rounds that actually determine the fight’s winner: Rounds 3, 4 and less so 5. That doesn’t mean Rounds 1, 2 and 5 don’t matter. This article aims to shed some light on the general tempo of rounds in Muay Thai.

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Muay Thai Scoring

As Muay Thai developed a more codified rule system for competition, it also developed its own scoring system. While Muay Thai’s scoring shares many elements with other combat sports, it is quite unique. The most fundamental difference is in its judging of the competition as a whole as opposed to the accumulation of its individual rounds. As most people are more familiar with boxing anyways, we’ll highlight some of the key components of boxing’s Ten Point Must system before drawing its differences with Muay Thai.

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Traditions and Rules of Muay Thai

While King Rama V (1853-1910) popularized and established Thai boxing as the national sport, it would continue to evolve into what we now know as Muay Thai. With the introduction of British Boxing in Thailand, Muay Thai began borrowing many of its rules for its own development. Thailand built its first stadium in 1921 thus ending its tradition of holding competition in an open court. Under the reign of King Rama VII (1925-1935), rounds, weight classes, gloves, point systems and the like emerged further formalizing the sport. Muay Thai kept many of its traditions, however, that have made the art uniquely Thai. This article will cover many of the unique traditions and rules of Muay Thai.

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