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Muay Thai training pads hit with elbow strike


Muay Thai Training Camp in Thailand

We are one of the biggest Muay Thai training camps in Thailand with a successful history in training fighters, athletes and enthusiasts for over a decade. With our Thai team of Muay Thai champions, active fighters and instructors, we offer a strong knowledge and understanding of this combat sport in our Muay Thai Classes. Founded by champion fighter Christian Daghio, our Muay Thai camp maintains high standards expected by our guests.

You can do Muay Thai, here’s why!...

Muay Thai Training Classes for everyone

Whilst we respect tradition, we understand the importance of different people's backgrounds and requirements. We pride ourselves on catering to every level of student, from beginners all the way to fighter level, youth to seniors.

Our students come from around the world to train at Kombat Group Thailand and they all have their own goals and needs.

Whether you're a beginner who has never tried any martial art before, an amateur looking to develop your skills, techniques and fitness, or a professional fighter looking to increase your fighting impact, everyone benefits from training with our Thai instructors who have experience in 100s of fights, and are former champions as well as current active fighters.

Both the camp and gym environments are welcoming and inviting. In our training classes everyone enjoys the same atmosphere and focus, and our instructors support you through your training to get the best from you.

See for yourself!

muay thai classes for beginners

Muay Thai for Beginners

Beginners are welcome in all classes here. You will have peers at your skill level as well as more experienced fighters around to give you advice. Best of all, you will be introduced to this beautiful martial art in its birth country!

Muay Thai boxing training

Muay Thai Aspiring Students

Your knowledge will be accelerated by our experienced instructors who will work with you at any level. You can advance your skill level to the next step!

muay thai fighter classes

Muay Thai Fighters

Professionals are the feather in our cap.
You can decide to join our regular programs or book our special Fighters Offer.

muay thai classes for kids

Muay Thai Kids

Special programs and dedicated trainers will introduce your child to the training. There is no better age and no healthier place to start than as a youth!

muay thai for men

Muay Thai for Men

Nothing will stop you from reaching your goal! We offer: training twice a day, meals, comfortable accommodation, and all the facilities at your disposal.

muay thai for women

Muay Thai for Women

Whether you’re training to be fit and healthy, or training as a professional, you will always be safe here with our family atmosphere. Comfortably enjoy the best experience of your life!

muay thai fitness classes

Muay Thai Fitness

Keep your fitness level at it's peak! Your legs, arms but most of all your core will benefit from the training!

muay thai weight loss classes

Muay Thai for Weight Loss

With trainers with years of experience in this area, you will burn a countless amount of calories.
Seeing is believing!

muay thai for fun

Muay Thai just for Fun

Who said that training can’t be fun? If your goal is to spend a holiday in a tropical country to learn a bit of the culture and sport, you can do that here!

Muay Thai Boxing Origin

Muay Thai, also refered to as Thai Boxing, is a martial art that developed as a form of hand-to-hand close combat that uses the entire body to strike opponents and defend against attacks. It is the national sport of Thailand, with hundreds of years of history and continues to grow in popularity all around the world, due to its explosive power in combat as well as in fitness.

See why Muay Thai is right for you!

What Martial Art should I learn?

There are many reasons why you should learn a martial art and what you can gain, from increased fitness and health, to self confidence and control in difficult situations, to being able to defend yourself with minimum chance of injury. These are just a few of the good reasons why many people do martial arts, and we think you should too!

Although our training camp has a strong foundation and roots in Muay Thai, with our large facilities we give everyone the option to train in several other martial arts (including Boxing, BJJ, MMA, and Krav Maga) as well to allow for well-rounded ability across different situations.

Muay Thai or Boxing

Boxing continues to play a big part in the pure Muay Thai sport; year after year being trained in Boxing has made a difference in the quality of fights. While striking in boxing is with the fists only and involves a different use of the body, Muay Thai includes strikes with fists, elbows, knees and kicks, plus a powerful clinch fight that is not allowed in Boxing.

Muay Thai or BJJ

Muay Thai is a striking discipline from a stand-up stance with hitting the opponent as the main goal, while BJJ aims to get the opponent on the ground and win by submission. The Muay Thai clinch does allow for opponents to be thrown to the ground where points are scored, but no ground work is involved. It therefore can be said that Muay Thai and BJJ can complement each other with their own strengths.

Muay Thai or MMA

These two martial arts have lots of differences in stance, footwork, defense techniques, fight’s rhythm, striking and clinching techniques. MMA includes both striking and groundwork techniques in a combination of multiple martial arts where Muay Thai is a component used in its stand-up part. Many athletes in MMA look to honing their skills in Muay Thai to gain better stand-up power and technique against their opponent.

Muay Thai or Krav Maga

One is first a fighting discipline and the other is first a self defense one. While Muay Thai training can be useful in Krav Maga training, due to the purpose of Krav Maga its techniques are less useful in the Muay Thai sport. Striking methods and targets are different: Krav Maga targets vital points to neutralize the opponent and has no “fixed rules,” with emphasis on attack before being attacked to save your life, while Muay Thai is structured on rounds of fighting with prefixed rules and a referee. Also, Krav Maga will teach you how to neutralize armed attackers which is not considered at all in Muay Thai. In a self defense training way, both have many good points which is why some consider learning both.



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