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I know first hand that it can be intimidating for a woman to walk into a Muay Thai gym to train, but the Kombat Group has created an environment where everyone is equal.


No matter what level you are at, Christian, the trainers, and other students at Kombat are all willing to help you become your best and achieve results. Most women have the misconception that training in Boxing or Muay Thai will cause your body to become big and bulky.

However, the motion of Muay Thai is high cardio and low weight workout using your own body weight as a tool to burn the fat and tone. After a few weeks of training at Kombat my muscles become long and lean, my abs flat and strong and I could see results on my body that working out in a gym cannot provide.

Training in Muay Thai at Kombat helped me gain confidence, discipline and the energy to succeed in both my mind and body. I have more stamina, I feel better about myself and as a result I have become more successful at managing both my personal and professional relationships. Also as a woman, Muay Thai is a great tool for self-defense.

I signed up to train at Kombat for 2 weeks, however I ended up staying 3 months and counting. Not only do I keep coming back, but my brother and my friends keep coming back as well too.

If you are looking to take your health, fitness, and self-confidence to the next level, stop what you are doing right now and learn Muay Thai at Kombat. You will not regret it!!


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