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Functional Training and Fitness Class
Functional Training & Fitness

Functional Training & Fitness Classes

Functional Training consists of a variety of exercises and activities including cardio and strength training to create a highly effective workout and improve your fitness level.

Functional Training increases fitness with movement through body weight exercises or the use of weights and other equipment. Each session burns maximum calories and fat by incorporating the various areas of fitness: cardio, strength, power, speed, endurance, mobility, flexibility, and stability. It is suitable for all levels and abilities whether your goal is to lose weight, fight, or just improve your overall fitness.

The course is based on interval training routines with crossfit-style workouts as well as cardio-based sessions. There is a different workout each day which may include weightlifting, cardiovascular training, self-defense, aerobics, kettlebells, body building, or functionality and mobility training. Functional Training sessions may also use team-building fitness games or military-style team goals to create bonds and allow individuals to motivate each other.

All exercises can be adapted to your current fitness level to ensure you are challenged in every session. Class sizes are kept small to allow you to benefit from one-on-one attention that not only instructs but also educates you on how to improve your technique, lifts, posture, or mobility. Instructors have experience training with all levels, ages, and capabilities including those with injuries/ailments as well as elite level fighters and athletes.

All necessary equipment is provided.

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