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krav maga seminar held in april in thailand


Seize the opportunity to learn how to defend yourself and your beloved during an intensive Krav Maga Seminar held here, at Kombat Group Thailand.

Today we only have to watch the news to see a frightening increase in weapons attacks and terrorism around the world. Police data shows a massive increase in knife type attacks, gun violence and shooting incidents are on the rise globally, and recently we have seen how terrorists are now using knives and sudden stabbing attacks against innocent civilians, and it is well known that muggers often use edge weapons to frighten you to hand over your wallet!
To survive modern day violence, you need to learn how to protect yourself and your loved ones from weapons attacks and unarmed attacks.


The aim of this progressive Krav Maga Seminar will be to instruct you in basic yet effective ways to protect yourself and survive holds ups from knife and gun, and how to survive actual knife stabbing attacks and baseball/stick type attacks. Our goal is to give you proven strategies and tactics to deal with frightening weapons attacks from committed aggressors.


During the seminar you will study the following topics:

1. Different types of stances;

2. Different types of break falls;

3. Different Strikes:
- Straight Punch
- Cross Punch
- Hook Punches
- Uppercut Punches
- Palm Strikes
- Chop Strikes
- Hammer fists
- Back hand fist
- Back hand Chops
- Elbow strikes
- Eye Gouge
- Punch Combinations

4. Different types of Chokes;

5. Different type of throws:
- Hip throws
- Outside Hock
- Chin throws 2 variations
- Wrist throws
- Leg throws
- Shoulder Throws
- Sacrifice Throws

6. Using Clothes and garments as weapons;

7. Using weapons:
- Knives
- Guns
- Sticks, bats etc.
- Rifles

8. Defenses:
- 360 defenses
- 360 inside defense against punch
- 360 inside defense against low punch
- 360 defense then different types of attacks
- 360 defense then different types of attacks then throws
- 360 defenses then different types of attacks, throws, strikes on the ground
- Mentality after all combos how to stay safe

9. Knees and Kicks:
- Front kick to groin
- Kick with the ball of foot
- Round kicks
- Side kicks
- Shin Kicks
- Knee strikes
- The Clinch and Knee Strikes
- Kicking to each vital parts of the body
- Stomps and Stomp kicks

10. Kick Defenses;

11. Self-Defense:
- Choke defenses
- Double choke defense
- Choke defense from behind
- Choke defense from the side

12. Headlock Defenses:
- Headlock defenses from side, from the front
- Headlock from the side from the back

13. Takedown Defenses:
- Basic Tackle defenses
- Takedown defense from the side
- Take down defense from the back

14. Wrist Grab defenses:
- Single grab on one wrist
- Single grab on opposite wrist
- Double grab on one wrist
- Grabbing both wrists
- Single grab from sides
- Single grab from behind
- Double grab from behind

15. Arm Pull Defenses:
- Pulling from front
- Pulling from the sides
- Pulling from behind

16. Weapon defenses:
- From knives hold up situation
- From knives, fighting situation
- From guns hold up, different positions
- From rifles, different positions
- From sticks and bats

17. Ground fighting:
- Positions and Movement
- Kicks from the Ground
- Getting Up with 1 or 2 hands

18. Clothes choke defenses;

19. Choke Defenses:
- Choke from the Front
- Choke from front against a Wall
- Choke from the Behind
- Choke from Behind against a Wall

20. Bear-hug Defenses:
- Bear-hug from the Front with Arms Caught (with Space)
- Bear-hug from the Front with Arms Caught (No Space)
- Bear-hug from the Front with Arms Free
- Bear-hug from Behind with Arms Free
- Bear-hug from Behind with Arms Caught

21. Third Party Defenses:
- Protecting third party, standing still
- Protecting third party, when walking

22. Dealing with Multiple Attackers:
- Lining Up Your Attackers
- Hostile Crowd
- Bystander Crowd
- The defenses all of above but with multiple attackers

Who is the Seminar for:

This Krav Maga workshop is open to everyone, from beginner upward, men and woman, regardless of your skills, experience or age. Everyone is welcome.


Together with the seminar, an Krav Maga Instructor Course will be run. This course is for experienced martial artists who want to become Certified Krav Maga Instructors-Self Defense Instructor.


The Krav Maga Instructor Certification Training Course is for experienced martial artists who have a minimum of 2 years martial arts experience in a striking orientated martial art, such as Krav Maga, Karate, TaeKwonDo, KungFu, Muay Thai, Kick Boxing or other Hand To Hand Combat or Combatives Self Defense system.
On the Krav Maga Instructor Course you will learn the Krav Maga Techniques the following topics:

  • Krav Maga Strikes both open hand and closed fist strikes to stun any attacker;
  • How you can escape from Chokes, grabs and bear hug attacks using Krav Maga;
  • Krav Maga weapon attack defense and disarms, you will learn to defend yourself from baseball stick club attacks, self defense for Knife Hold Ups and Knife Threats;
  • Krav Maga Gun Disarms for disarming and removing weapons from pistol and long gun threats;
  • Krav Maga ground fighting survival. How to defend yourself when on the ground and get back to standing position;
  • Modern Defensive Tactics from Krav Maga and other premier Self Defense methods how to deal with Pre Fight situations;
  • How to avoid and escape street attacks. How to talk an attacker out of attacking.


Seminar: from the 9th until the 13th April 2017

Instructor Course: from the 9th until the 13th April 2017


The Instructor of the seminar is David Sutthlauang, head instructor of Dera Tactical & Martial Arts in Bangkok.




Seminar Only 25,000
Seminar + Shared room* + 3 meals a day 30,400
Instructor Course Only 50,000
Instructor Course + Shared room* + 3 meals a day 55,400

* different accommodation can be negotiated. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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