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BJJ seminar @kombat group - DECEMBER 2017

brazilian jiu jitsu seminar with the black belt hans huttom held at kombat group thailand


After the success of last year’s seminar, Hans Hutton is returning to Kombat Group Thailand for what is now our annual Brazilian Jiu Jitsu seminar.
The course begins with holds from side mount and moves to submissions and escapes, following a program devised by GM Francisco Mansor.

The seminar will last 5 days, during which you will be taught both the importance of the BJJ fundamentals and the principles underpinning each technique. Once you understand these BJJ basics and moves, you can continue to progress further. Learning by this method allows you to improve your skills quickly during the seminar as well as understand the art and strategy of BJJ to enhance your training in the long term.


“I had a very nice week with Hans. We worked in small groups with people from all around the world. Beginners and confirmed all together create a studious and funny atmosphere. Hans has patience and a very high level BJJ. I'm looking forward to see him again at next seminar.” ~ Jennifer, Switzerland ~
jennifer gets her diploma after bjj seminar held at kombat group thailand

alexandr from russia gets his diploma after brazilian jiu jitsu seminar held at kombat group thailand

"The workshops offered by Hans Hutton are of great use to beginners in the training process as they teach very important basics, without which it makes no sense to study BJJ. [...]

Thank you Hans Hutton for these details, and most importantly for the sequence and structured approach to the explanation of the techniques." ~ Alexander, Russia ~

Read Alexander full testimonial here


“Self-defense, self-confidence, discipline and emotional control. The values you learn are priceless.”
~ Rickson Gracie ~

Course dates:

26th - 30th December 2017

2 hours of BJJ training both in the morning and afternoon


Seminar only: 15000 baht

Seminar + accomodation (shared a/c room) + 3 meals a day: 21300 baht. Different accomodation can be negotiated.


mani from india gets his diploma after jiu jitsu seminar held at kombat group thailand
bjj seminar hans hutton diploma day held at kombat group thailand
brazilian jiu jitsu seminar held at kombat group thailand participation diploma
group training for the bjj seminar held at kombat group thailand


Hans is available for private lessons on 19th, 20th, 21st, 22nd, 23th December, 2nd and 3rd January.

1500 baht for 1 hour lesson.

Please notify us of your current level and feel free to contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with any questions or queries or fill the form below.

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Hans C. Hutton has been fighting since 1993. He is a Blackbelt in BJJ under Grandmaster Mansor, as well as in Luta Livre under Professor Daniel D`Dane.
Originally from Germany, you can find him in Munich at the BJJ Academy: Hutton Academy.

- IDM 2009 Absolute Master class
- Submissao 2008 1st place 87 kg Gi
- Submissao 2008 3rd place 87 kg no Gi
- German Championship LL 2006 1st place 99 kg
- German Championship LL 2006 2nd place absolute class
- Outrival Cup 2006 1st place 94 kg
- Outrival Cup 2006 2nd place absolute class
- IDM International German Championship in BJJ 2006 2nd place Master class
- German Championship LL 2005 1st place -99 kg
- German Championship 2005 LL 3rd place absolute class
- Loke + Choke 3 1st place absolute class
- Loke + Choke 2 2nd place -88kg
- Loke + Choke 1 1st place -88kg


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