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BJJ seminar @kombat group - DECEMBER 2016

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Bjj seminar with HANS HUTTON, black belt bjj and luta livre

Hans Hutton will be delivering a Blue Belt programme which was devised by GM Mansor. The course begins with holds from side mount and moves to submissions and escapes.

Not only will you be taught the importance of the fundamental techniques but you will grow to learn the principles underpinning them. Once you have an understanding you can continue to progress further. This methodology ensures that all participants can continue to impove their skills in both the short and long term.


Course dates:

25th - 30th December 2016

2 hours both in the morning and afternoon

Exam takes place on 30th in the afternoon


Seminar only: 15000 baht

Seminar + accomodation (shared a/c room) + 3 meals a day: 19500 baht. Different accomodation can be negotiated.

Belt upgrades examination cost*:

White Belt: 1000 baht

Blue Belt: 1300 baht

Purple Belt: 1700 baht

Brown Belt: 1900 baht

*belt upgrade only if the examination is successfully passed

Hans is available for private tuition on 15th, 16th, 19th, 20th, 21st, 22nd and 23rd December. 

1500 baht for 1 hour lesson

Please notify us of your current level and if you wish to sit the final exam and feel free to contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with any questions or queries.

Hans Hutton's curriculum:

- IDM 2009 Absolute Master class
- Submissao 2008 1st place 87 kg Gi
- Submissao 2008 3rd place 87 kg no Gi
- German Championship LL 2006 1st place 99 kg
- German Championship LL 2006 2nd place absolute class
- Outrival Cup 2006 1st place 94 kg
- Outrival Cup 2006 2nd place absolute class
- IDM International German Championship in BJJ 2006 2nd place Master class
- German Championship LL 2005 1st place -99 kg
- German Championship 2005 LL 3rd place absolute class
- Loke + Choke 3 1st place absolute class
- Loke + Choke 2 2nd place -88kg
- Loke + Choke 1 1st place -88kg


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