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Christian Daghio wins the WBF Boxing Belt
Body Composition Analysis
The training routine that led Christian Daghio to his 7th belt
Christian’s Seminars start on June 11th
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Serhii Won by KO at MAX Muay Thai
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Skills Exchange
Brazilian Jiu Jitsu for Kids
Christian Daghio: 6th Time Muay Thai World Champion
WKL World Title: Daghio vs Nowak
History of Muay Thai
Michelle (Canada) – Muay Thai Course
Iris (Iceland) – Muay Thai Course
Lorna (UK) – Muay Thai Course
Kareen (UK) – Martial Arts Course
Ditte (Denmark) – Western Boxing Course
Tash & Mel – Weight Loss Program
Jeraldine (Australia) – Muay Thai Course
Charlie (Canary Islands) – MMA Course
Mirko (Italy) – Martial Art Course
Matthew (UK) – Western Boxing Course
Martial Arts Training for Joy and Magnus
Elbio (Italy) – Western Boxing Course
Alice (Italy) – Muay Thai Course
Igor (Russia) – Muay Thai Course
Michele (Italy) – Weight Loss Program
Jason (Australia) – Weight Loss Program
Ben (Australia) – Weight Loss Program
Johan (Sweden) – Weight Loss Program
Mila (USA) – Weight Loss Program
Gobind (Thailand) – Weight Loss Program
25th Pro Boxing fight for Christian Daghio
Sungwoo – 13 Years Old – Muay Thai Course
Christian Daghio Won the ABF Boxing Belt
Limor (Israel) – Weight Loss Program
23rd Boxing fight and victory for Christian
22nd Pro Boxing fight for Christian Daghio
Sejal (UK) – Weight Loss Program
Laura (Finland) – Western Boxing Course
James (USA) – Weight Loss Program
Christian Daghio WBA PABA ASIA Champion
Christian Daghio vs Surawut Klinlaoo
Another KO for Christian Daghio!
18th Pro Boxing fight for Christian Daghio
Vika (Russia) – Weight Loss Program
Christian Daghio vs Rattanoy Sitpholek
Matteo (Italy) – Muay Thai Course & Fight
Winston (UK) – Weight Loss Program
Tommy (Sweden) – Personalised Program
Christian Daghio vs Nubgdiauw Loeknaklua!
Christian Daghio vs Laoh Noi
2008 May 13th Christian vs Jeerun Fairtex
Christian Daghio wins at Lumpinee Stadium
Muay Thai Title defence for Christian
Christian Daghio become WAKO Thailand Champion
2007 March 12th Christian Daghio vs Zodd
Christian Daghio become Fairtex Stadium’s Champion
Filippa (Sweden) – Muay Thai Course
Christian Daghio becomes Muay Thai Wako World Champion

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