Christian Daghio: Time Line of a Champion

Kombat Group’s founder and head trainer, Christian Daghio, has led a life of achievement and combat conquest. Earning the first of many championships in 1991, Christian has constantly strived to be the best in whatever art he is pursuing, whether it be Muay Thai, Boxing, or even MMA. Know for both his powerful hands and devastating clinch, Christian has fought all over the world, both winning and defending his many titles. Here is a comprehensive timeline to celebrate his rise to championship status.

2001 Muay Thai World Champion Wako Pro

2010 Muay Thai World Champion WMA

2011 Muay Thai World Champion WMF

2012 Muay Thai World Champion WTKA

2012 Muay Thai World Champion WMF

2016 Muay Thai World Champion WKL


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