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Christian's Seminars "Clinch: Techniques and Physical Preparation" start on June 11th

Kombat Group Thailand presents seminars focused exclusively on clinching.
When talking to Christian about the idea, he shared with us that clinching techniques and its endurance is often underestimated in a traditional Muay Thai training. And while you can learn to punch and kick well in a relatively short time (a few months for example), learning how to clinch properly takes a much longer time. It can be years of experience before you really master it. But this time can be shortened a bit by educating yourself on the proper technique and also by rigorous work on your stamina and coordination.

Christian himself knows that a big part of his success in the ring comes from his experience with clinching and his ability to use it well as it allows him to deliver a powerful performance at the closest distance possible.


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kombat group fighter clinch technique

Christian noticed that there were no workshops offering a true focus on clinching for Muay-Thai , so in the upcoming summer months, he is bringing a few sessions into local gyms in selected countries. These include: Italy (Rome and Tourine) and Germany (Rain, Ingolstadt and Lingenfelder). 

In each seminar session you should expect a real hands-on experience. You will be asked to not only listen, but also do. After all, Christian's main goal for these sessions is that you walk away knowing something new, having learned how to improve your chances in a fight and ideally being able to continue with practicing proper clinching on your own.


muay thai clinch seminar by christian daghio
clinch seminar in germany


Cristiano will accompany Christian in these seminars: he is a coach with decades of experience with various sports. Cristiano started to really invest himself into sports when he was just 8 years old and took up judo. Later he continued with karate, box, and eventually moved to Muay Thai around 15 years old. Later Cristiano also learned and practiced close combat training, and has been developing these skills throughout his entire life and now focuses on a new training concept, KHIT - Kombat High Intense Training. This is a program that aims to shorten the recovery your body needs after exercise, while working on your endurance, stability, and coordination. Which is all important for a good clinch! So during the seminar, Cristiano will work with you on all of this via sets of exercise targeting exactly these areas. For him it is important to make sure you are engaged throughout the entire session. While there will be some theory explaining what the proper technique is, it will always be followed by active exercising and trying out what you just observed. Interactivity is expected and encouraged throughout the entire session.


kombat group seminar muay thai clinch
kombat group seminar muay thai clinch and physical conditioning


The seminar is open to all levels, amateurs as well as professionals, man or women, children or adults. Where can you get tickets to it? Check with your local gym and lets do some clinching together!

NOTE Christian will be available for more seminars in 2018: if you want to organize a seminar in your gym, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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