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2017 August 15th: Christian Daghio Fights for the International WBF Boxing Belt

On August 15th Christian Daghio squared up for a 12 round match in Bangkok's Ram 100 stadium against the strong Nattapon Plangpimai for the World Boxing Federation International Boxing Championship. The gala started at 19:00 with a few international fights in which Thai fighters fought against Vietnamese, Japanese, or other fighters from around the world. Then came the main event of the night...

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Christian's Seminars "Clinch: Techniques and Physical Preparation" start on June 11th

Kombat Group Thailand presents seminars focused exclusively on clinching.
When talking to Christian about the idea, he shared with us that clinching techniques and its endurance is often underestimated in a traditional Muay Thai training. And while you can learn to punch and kick well in a relatively short time (a few months for example), learning how to clinch properly takes a much longer time. It can be years of experience before you really master it. But this time can be shortened a bit by educating yourself on the proper technique and also by rigorous work on your stamina and coordination.

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Christian Daghio defends Muay Thai WKL World Title

On June 10, 2017 Christian will defend his Muay Thai WKL World title, which he had won last year against David Novak. Now Christian is brining you a new exciting event and this challenge will take place at the President Restaurant in Massa Finalese (MO).

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Christian Daghio: Time Line of a Champion

Kombat Group’s founder and head trainer, Christian Daghio, has led a life of achievement and combat conquest. Earning the first of many championships in 1991, Christian has constantly strived to be the best in whatever art he is pursuing, whether it be Muay Thai, Boxing, or even MMA. Know for both his powerful hands and devastating clinch, Christian has fought all over the world, both winning and defending his many titles. Here is a comprehensive time line to celebrate his rise to championship status.

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